About Ron Holland

Ron Holland is the Founder/Owner of 'Authors & Writers, LLC,' a literary promotions group that brings authors, writers and booklovers together to engage, interact and reinvigorate a passion for books, literature and reading. Ron is author of the book, 'The Fire In My Words: The Anthology of a Social Provocateur.'

Ron Holland is the host of the Public Affairs show, 'COMMUNITY VOICES' on radio stations Old School 105.3 and Praise 100.9 in Charlotte, North Carolina.  

Ron is an Assistant Production Manager, Producer and Board Operator for Radio One Charlotte.

Ron is a graduate of the Carolina School of Broadcasting. Ron hosted Let's Talk News, a weekly radio show that aired on 88.1 FM, WYGG in Asbury Park, New Jersey. Ron's show aired for four years, ending in 2005 when he relocated to Charlotte, NC.

Ron is a former Reporter for three New Jersey newspapers: The Asbury Park Press(the 2nd largest daily newspaper in New Jersey), The Shoreview Weekly News and City News of Newark, New Jersey. 

Ron also published his own Christian Newspaper, Faith & Works News, which was distributed to 42 churches in the City of Asbury Park, New Jersey and surrounding communities. 

My Book

The Fire In My Words: The Anthology of a Social Provocateur

 In 'The Fire In My Words,' you'll traverse our cultural and social landscape with me as I tackle some the most challenging issues of our day. From religious fundamentalism to relationships; from politics to poetry; from the exploitation of the American worker to the enduring love God has for all humanity. 'The Fire In My Words' removes the veneer of superficial social interactions and forces us to address our attitudes, beliefs, bias and contradictions. In this anthology, I'm the antagonist, protagonist and provocateur. Prepare to be challenged.  

My Book's Goal

 The 'Fire in My Words' is about breaking the tethers of mental and spiritual apathy.  After reading this anthology, you'll engage information in a more robust way.  It's my goal to inspire you to challenge facts, propose your own ideas; formulate your own fact-based opinions. I want you to ask the tough questions, not just of me, but of those people that educate, influence and inspire you. 

An Excerpt

"Our faith traditions and how we see God is through the eyes and prism of Israel. Unfortunately, Israel's god and the god of the bible is nothing more than a morphed and amalgamated deity with roots in  the very pagan cultures that were on the receiving end of Israel's blood thirsty rampages. 

The reason I've taken the extraordinary step of establishing a demarcation between our Creator and the god of the bible is because first, I believe much of the confusion and violence in our world is attributed to the kind of religious fundamentalism indicative of the schisms, rancor and blood shed reflected in the pages of scripture. 

Secondly, the Creator has shouldered the blame for humanity's egregious and despicable acts for far too long. The god of scripture is Man's creation; fashioned, formulated and shaped by Man's hands, his warped thinking and scandalous behaviors. And intricately woven into what we hail as the "word of god" is a tragic road map to the kinds of confusion and violence that has gripped our world through the ages. 

The genocides and mass murders in the pages of scripture is not the doing of our Creator. Contrary to what I was taught and what you believe (based on scripture) our Creator doesn't smite, smote or orders the wholesale murder and slaughter of entire populations of people. 

If the violent events reflected in the pages of scripture are indeed true, it's the function of a craven humanity that deserves blame, not God!"