Author Showcase

Stephanie Brace-Sanders

Stephanie Brace-Sanders is author of the book, 'Poems in the Key of Life: Different Shades of Different Colors.'

Gurmay Fraser

Gurmay Fraser is the author of 'My Journey to Spiritual Restoration' and 'Love Me or Leave Me: Spiritual Memoir.'

Pastor Theo Schaffer

Pastor Theo Schaffer is author of the book,  'Jump!: How to Overcome your Faith's Hardest Challenges in Five Easy Steps!' 

Cassandra O'Neal

Cassandra O'Neal is author of the book, 'Our Day to Day Faith: Stories, Songs and Supplications to get you through your day.'

Vickie L. Evans

Playwright and Director Vickie L. Evans is author of the books, 'Know Your Worth "(Overcoming The Dragon Of Low Self-Esteem)" 'The Art of Forgiving: A Motivational Self-Improvement Guide' and 'How to Produce an Award Winning Play.'

Theresa Ann Clark

Evangelist Theresa Ann Clark is author of the book, 'Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil: The Untold Story of a Pastor's Wife.'

Author Showcase

Mrs. Mo James

Mo James is author of the book, 'Let's Have a Conversation.' 

Ms. Tanya M. Wilson

Tanya M. Wilson is author of the book, 'Take 2: Steps to Rejoining Your Life.' 

Arkevious J. Armstrong

Arkevious J. Armstrong is author of the book, 'Destined for Victory.'